About me

Allow me to introduce myself.

[My story]

I always liked to build and assemble things together. Doing this using nothing but my own hands. Unfortunately my hands never had the same point of view and I’ve never really been successful with manual tasks.

One day, my father bought myself an electronic lab kit which I loved playing with (this one!). It felt amazing to connect simple components together using only wires and end up with something interactive! However, I soon lost interest but can’t really remember why.

Then I started reading a book about using how to program a computer. Quickly jumping to the end of the book, I understood that I could make awesome things like my own game!

This is why I felt in love with computer science. It was easy for me to create from nothing. Like many I started coding really simple stuff (read pong game or snakes!) in Basic when you had to assign numbers to each line of code. Since then the technology has evolved and so did I.

[My education]

I first connected with software development in college. Thing were easy in college and time went pretty fast. I graduated from Cégep de St-Jérôme in 2002.

Once done, I started university. Things were really different and it finally felt like a challenge! I graduated from ÉTS (École de technologie supérieure) university in 2006 and started working for a small company in Montreal. I was developing a management software in a very specific domain and I felt I was not at my place. I was missing the creative and dynamic aspect of the job. I started looking for a new job and found a perfect match.

[My job]

I currently work for a world leader company in modeling, simulation and training. Most of my work is in C++ but from time to time, I have to use C# and Java. Since 2008, I managed to develop quite a good set of skills (mostly in software development but also in how software interact with the outside world/hardware).
(Note to self, add a list of technologies I know)

[Things I love]

I love the DIY way. If I have to buy something, I usually ask myself if I could make it first. Over time, I have been perfecting my skills in electronics and even wood working.

In my free time you can usually find me hanging out with my girlfriend, playing with my kid Louis, in front of a big screen watching a movie or working on one of many projects like theses.

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